Some History

Mike Ekhaus is a mathematician with an interest in manufacturing processes. In his early 20's, about 30 years ago, it became an obsession. This journey has led Mike to learning many skills and crafts. Including: Jewelrymaking, Watchmaking, Blacksmithing, Shoe and Bootmaking, and in general the Leathertrades. Nisko Fabryka reflects this journey and is a showcase of products and ideas from his imagination, while  paying tribute to his Polish-Ukrainian heritage.

His creations range from handcolored patinations of leather,  hook keychains, stitchless molded wallets, handcrafted steel buckles for watches and belts, leather cases, and more.

Mike often combines his mathematical background with his fabrication and design skills.  His molded wallet, as an example, with its timeless minimalistic design offers innovation from the wallets' shape creating a natural and adjustable cardholder, while still providing a fully functional billfold.

The "Fold Wallet" is a modern take on the classic bill-fold design.  This unique design allows it be carried as a slim front, or a thicker rear pocket wallet.  Carry a few cards, or many; carry cash or don't! The variety of color's and sizes to satisfy all style needs, for going to work or a night on the town.

The hook keychains are homage to the greatest and most enduring piece of metal origami ever, the paper clip!  The minimalistic design and simplicity make these keychains both stylistically functional and easy to use.  And, just like the paperclip, when you’re bored it will give you something to play with.

I hope that double and single eyeglass cases are innovative but to be honest, they're just fun.

My work in steel fabricated jewelry, is a mixture of technologies both old and new. For example, the buckles are designed on paper, drafted on computer, cut with a laser, and then fabricated using a combination of traditional jewelry and knifemaking techniques.