1. The horsehide wallets are wet molded from "horse strips" and pressed into shape and allowed to dry.
  2. So, when you get your stitchless wallet it could be fairly stiff and one can break-it-in by a couple of methods.
  • one could simply use the wallet till it breaks in, or  follow pictures and description that follows.
  • one can moisten the leather a little bit and aid in breaking in the wallet. This is a process similar to wear a pair of damp jeans to aid in its breaking in period.  
  •  if you bought the wallet directly from me, chances are it is still a little bit damp when you got it, but if purchased from a reseller chances are it has completely dried.

       3.  So, get a bowl of  room temperature water.  What ever you do, do not use hot water. Veg-tanned will shrink up with hot/boiling water.  If you want to use warm water, make sure  it is not too hot.  If it is too hot for a baby's bath, then it is to hot for leather.  If you don't know what I mean, then just let a bowl of water come to room temp.

       4.  Dampen a sponge or paper towel. 

       5. Ring out and then dampen the leather with the dampened sponge or towel.

       6.  One does not need to get the leather soaking wet.  Just damp enough to help flex the leather and begin to bend the wallet flexing it as if you were breaking in a baseball mitt.

       7.  Place one's card in the cardholder portion.

       8.  With the dampened leather, add any cards you intend to use in the back slot to the back slot.

       9.  add cash to the portion that functions as a billfold.

       10. Start to use.  With some little dampening it will break in quicker.

       11. It is okay to use leather conditioner to soften the leather, but some warm water will work also.

But do not over think it with the thought that if some is good, more is better.  damp warm water,  NEVER hot.  little bit of water, use more if needed but DO NOT submerse and get soaking wet.